Manila: Practical Tips


Hello Travel Pals!

Get ready for a smooth Manila experience with our practical tips mini guide. From getting around to local customs, let’s make your stay hassle-free and enjoyable!

Currency – Pesos are the Players!

What’s it About: In Manila, we use Philippine Pesos. Have some cash for small purchases, but major establishments also accept credit cards. Keep those pesos handy for a smooth transaction.

Public Transportation – Jeepneys and Taxis Ahoy!

What’s it About: Jeepneys and taxis are popular ways to get around. Negotiate taxi fares or hop on a jeepney for a local experience. Use ride-hailing apps like Grab for convenience.

Dress Comfortably – Stay Cool and Relaxed! 

What’s it About: Manila can get warm. Wear light, breathable clothes, and comfy shoes for your explorations. Don’t forget sunscreen to stay cool and protected from the sun.

Local Cuisine – Dive In, Taste It All!

What’s it About: Manila’s food is a treat. Try adobo, sinigang, and halo-halo! Don’t be shy to use your hands for some dishes – it’s part of the fun. Enjoy the flavors!

Stay Hydrated – Beat the Heat!

What’s it About: Manila can get pretty warm, so keep a water bottle with you. You’ll find plenty of stalls selling coconut water – a local and refreshing way to stay hydrated.

Local Etiquette – Smile and Nod!

What’s it About: Filipinos are friendly! A smile goes a long way. If someone nods or says “po” (a sign of respect), you can do the same. It’s a simple way to connect.

Bargaining – Friendly Haggling! 

What’s it About: In markets, bargaining is common. Be friendly, smile, and enjoy the process. It’s not just about the price; it’s about the interaction. Have fun!

There you go, savvy travelers! With these practical tips, you’re all set for an enjoyable Manila adventure. Embrace the local vibe, try new things, and let Manila charm you. Happy travels! πŸŒ†πŸ‘‹

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