Hanoi: Practical Tips


Hello Travel Buddies! Planning a trip to Hanoi? Here are some super-simple tips to make your adventure smooth and stress-free. Let’s dive in!

  • Currency Chat – Dong, Dong, Dong!
  • Tip: The local currency is the Vietnamese Dong (VND).
  • Why it matters: Carry some cash for small purchases; credit cards are cool too but not everywhere.
  • Weather Wisdom – Sunscreen Alert!
    • Tip: Hanoi has hot summers and cool winters.
    • Why it matters: Pack sunscreen and a light jacket – be ready for any weather surprise!


  • Street Crossing Strategy – Frogger Style!
  • Tip: Traffic can be cray-cray, but locals are crossing experts.
  • Why it matters: Follow the locals – when they go, you go. Slow and steady wins the crossing race.


  • Street Food Scoop – Follow Your Nose!
  • Tip: Street food is life, and smells are your guides.
  • Why it matters: Follow the delicious scents, and you’ll discover the yummiest treats.
  • Bargaining Basics – Friendly Haggle!
    • Tip: Bargaining is a game, and it’s okay to play!
    • Why it matters: Smile, start low, and meet in the middle – everyone’s a winner.


  • Language Lowdown – “Xin Chao” Magic!
  • Tip: “Xin Chao” means hello – it’s your new best friend
  • Why it matters: Locals love it when you greet them in their language; it opens hearts and doors.
  • Caffeine Connection – Coffee Culture!
  • Tip: Vietnamese coffee is strong and sweet.
  • Why it matters: Try an egg coffee – it’s a sweet surprise that’ll wake up your taste buds. Here’s a cool Coffee tasting tour in Hanoi!
  • Transport Tricks – Grab a Grab!
  • Tip: Grab app = your new travel BFF.
  • Why it matters: Cheap, easy, and no language barrier stress – just tap, and you’re on your way.
  • Culture Code – Respect Rules!
    • Tip: Respect the local customs and traditions.
    • Why it matters: It’s the key to making friends and having a super awesome time.
  • SIM Card Symphony – Stay Connected!
    • Tip: Get a local SIM card for easy peasy communication.
    • Why it matters: Google Maps, translations, and Insta updates – stay connected and share the joy!

Hanoi is a blast, and these tips will have you dancing through your trip like a local!  Safe travels, and soak in the awesomeness of Hanoi!

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