Community Guidelines

The goal of Viazara is to promote joy and creative inspiration. We are constructing a worldwide community where individuals can create and share content, discover the world around them, and interact with others from across the globe. We are dedicated to preserving a hospitable atmosphere for our expanding community. Our Community Guidelines define a set of standards and a shared code of conduct that create a friendly and safe environment for everyone.

We promote safety, diversity, inclusiveness, and authenticity at Viazara. We urge artists to celebrate what makes them unique and viewers to participate in what inspires them; we think a secure environment facilitates everyone’s ability to do so openly. We value the global aspect of our community and endeavor to take into account the diversity of cultural norms in the regions in which we operate. By promoting legitimate material on Viazara, we also seek to foster an environment conducive to genuine connections.

Our Community Guidelines are applicable to all users and content on Viazara. We seek to proactively enforce them using a combination of technology and human moderation before individuals report potentially infringing content. We also urge our community members to utilize the reporting tools on Viazara to report any content or account that they think violates our Community Guidelines.

We will delete anything that violates our community guidelines, including videos, audio, livestreams, pictures, comments, links, and other text. Individuals are notified of our judgments and have the option to challenge them if they think there was no violation. We will temporarily or permanently ban accounts and/or users who commit significant or frequent violations on the platform; we may also consider acts on other platforms and offline conduct when making these determinations. Law enforcement authorities may be notified of any particular, credible, and impending threat to human life in the actual world. The entire Viazara experience is restricted to users who are at least 13 years old, and we delete the accounts of anybody we believe to be under this age. (In the United States, we provide Viazara for Younger Users, a restricted app experience created exclusively for this audience with extra precautions and privacy protections, to individuals under 13 years of age.)

Our algorithms are created with security and reliability in mind. We may decrease the discoverability of some content by, for example, diverting search results or rendering videos unsuitable for recommendation in the Exclusive Feed. The “Ineligible for the Exclusive Feed” section contains further information.

Nevertheless, we realize that certain information that would ordinarily be deleted in accordance with our community guidelines may be in the public interest. Therefore, we may make exceptions in certain cases, such as for educational, documentary, scientific, artistic, or satirical material; content in fictitious or professional contexts; counterspeech; or content that permits individual expression on socially significant issues. To reduce the possible harmful impact of graphic content, we may include precautions such as an “opt-in” screen or a warning.

As part of our goal to keep Viazara a safe place where people can be creative and happy, we update our community guidelines from time to time with the help of key stakeholders to account for new behaviors and threats.

Copyright and trademark violations

Although it does not cover core beliefs or facts, copyright provides legal protection for original works of authorship, such as music and videos, as well as for the unique manner in which an idea is represented or generated. A trademark is any term, symbol, phrase, or visual representation that differentiates and identifies the source of a good or service. We support everyone’s efforts to produce and distribute creative material. Our platform does not allow for or will take down any content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights. It may not be deemed a violation of our policies to use a trademark to make reference to, properly remark on, criticize, parody, create a fan page for, or review a good or service, or to utilize a copyrighted work under certain conditions, such as the fair use doctrine or other relevant laws.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • information that contravenes or infringes on the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of others

Platform Protection

The safety and security of our users’, creators’, business partners’, suppliers’, and employees’ data, including their personal information, accounts, profiles, content, and other confidential data, as well as our products and services, is a major priority for Viazara. We do not permit illegal access to the Viazara platform, which includes our website, app, network, and associated infrastructure or networks, or the acquisition of sensitive proprietary business or personal information. Any attempt to hurt or take advantage of the security, dependability, or integrity of our platform, goods, or services is against the law.

Do not use automated scripts, web crawling software, deceptive techniques, or any other means to attempt to get, acquire, or request login credentials. Also, do not develop fake or misleading versions of the Viazara platform. Do not produce or transmit malicious files, content, or communications that include viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other materials that might affect the community or platform.

Do not:

  • Permit others to access your account credentials or engage in actions that violate our community guidelines.
  • Click on suspicious links or respond to such requests for information about your Viazara account information, passwords, verification requirements, financial information, or other personal information. 

Minor Safety

Our commitment to safeguarding the safety of minors on our platform is unwavering. Viazara defines a minor as any individual under 18 years of age. On Viazara, we prohibit conduct that perpetuates the abuse, injury, endangerment, or exploitation of minors. Any content, including animation or digitally made or modified media, that depicts the abuse, exploitation, or endangerment of kids is prohibited on our site and will be deleted if found. We report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and supporting evidence to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) as well as any other applicable legal authorities.

To use Viazara, users must fulfill the age limits specified in our terms and conditions. When a minor’s account is discovered, we delete it. Given that our platform is developed with the protection of kids in mind, certain functionalities are prohibited based on age. Account users under the age of 16 are prohibited from using direct messaging, and their material is ineligible for the Exclusive Feed. Our livestreaming and virtual giving capabilities require account users to be at least 18 years old.

Exploitation (sexual) of minors

Viazara will take action against any content or accounts concerning child sexual abuse or exploitation. Sexual exploitation of children involves any misuse of authority or trust for sexual motives, as well as benefiting financially, socially, sexually, or politically by exploiting a juvenile. CSAM is described as any visual portrayal of sexually explicit nudity or behavior of a minor, whether taken by predatory adults, peers, or made by juveniles themselves.

Do not upload, distribute, download, or stream:

  • material that encourages users to download or spread CSAM by sharing, resharing, trading, or selling it.
  • material that portrays, solicits, praises, or supports images of child abuse, including nudity, sexualized minors, or sexual behavior with children.
  • Material that engages with minors in a sexualized fashion or otherwise sexualizes a juvenile
  • material that shows, promotes, normalizes, or celebrates pedophilia or sexual assault on a minor.

Grooming Behavior

Grooming practices occur when an adult develops an emotional relationship with a juvenile in order to win the youngster’s trust for future or continuous sexual intercourse, sexual abuse, trafficking, or other exploitation. Some of these things are flattery, asking to talk on or off the platform, asking for personal information, asking for sexual abuse material for minors, making sexual comments or requests, and giving gifts.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Grooming advancements
  • Materials that glorify, encourage, normalize, or represent grooming habits
  • Nudity is shown or offered to children in the content.
  • Minors are encouraged to talk to adults on other platforms, websites, or other digital spaces;
  • Any solicitation of nakedness or sexual contact by blackmail or other forms of compulsion is prohibited.

Nudity and sexual conduct by children are prohibited.

Nudity and sexual activity involving minors include content that openly exposes breasts, genitalia, anus, or buttocks, as well as actions that imitate, allude to, or demonstrate minor sex activities. We don’t allow any content that shows nudity or sexual behavior, even if it was made or changed digitally.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • content that shows or suggests minor sexual acts such as penetrative or non-penetrative sex, oral sex, or close-up kissing;
  • content that shows sexual excitement or sexual stimulation involving a minor;
  • content that shows a sexual fetish involving a minor;
  • content that shows exposed genitalia, buttocks, the pubic area, or female nipples of a minor;
  • Content that uses sexually explicit language

Youthful conduct that causes harm

The use of legal substances improperly, involvement in illicit activity, and participation in dares, physical challenges, or other activities that put kids’ safety in danger are all examples of harmful minor behavior. We delete any such content from our site.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Materials that show, look like, act like, or encourage a minor to use or have alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs
  • material that tells people under the age of 18 how to buy, sell, or trade alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal drugs
  • material that shows or encourages behaviors like physical challenges, dares, or stunts that might endanger the wellbeing of young people.

physical and mental harm to children

Body abuse, neglect, child endangerment, and psychological disparagement are all behaviors that leave kids at risk of physical or psychological injury. Such stuff is removed from our platform.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Material that shows or promotes physical abuse, neglect, endangerment, or psychological denigration of minors

Assaults against children

Users convicted of crimes against children are not permitted to have accounts on our site. These include sexual assault, molestation, murder, physical abuse or neglect, abduction, international parental kidnapping, trafficking, exploitation of minors for prostitution, live online sexual abuse of a minor, sexual exploitation of minors in the context of travel and tourism, attempts to obtain or distribute CSAM, production, possession, or distribution of CSAM. If we uncover such a user, we will terminate their account. The account will be removed if the user voluntarily discloses that they are a pedophile or minor sex offender.

Dangerous conduct and risks

Users are not permitted to share anything that depicts, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies risky behaviors that might result in serious harm or death. We also prohibit information that encourages or advocates collective involvement in hazardous or dangerous behaviors that violate any aspect of our Community Guidelines.

We define risky acts and other dangerous behavior as activities performed in a non-professional setting or without the requisite skills and safety procedures, which may result in significant harm or death to the user or the general public. This involves perilous challenges and amateur antics.

Do not publish, upload, broadcast, or distribute the following:

  • Material that depicts the possibly improper use of harmful items or things
  • Material that shows risky driving techniques
  • Material that shows or encourages the usage of substances that are not intended for human consumption and might cause significant damage
  • Games, dares, challenges, or stunts that might endanger one’s safety or cause damage to one’s property; anything that discusses or offers instructions on how to engage in harmful activities

Suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders are prevalent worldwide.

The health and happiness of the people who make up our community is something we take very seriously. We do not permit anything that encourages, normalizes, or glorifies behaviors that might result in self-harm, eating disorders, or suicide. However, we do encourage community members to share their own experiences with these topics in a safe manner in order to increase awareness and receive community support. We also advise anyone who is battling with suicidal or self-harming thoughts, or who knows someone who is seriously contemplating suicide, to contact local emergency services or a suicide prevention hotline immediately. In the event that our intervention could assist a user who is at risk of self-harm, Viazara may also notify local emergency authorities.

Suicide and self-mutilation

We eliminate information that portrays suicide, includes suicidal ideation, or may inspire suicidal or self-destructive conduct. Additionally, we exclude material that shows suicide attempts or actions that might result in suicide by self-infliction. Any type of content that encourages, normalizes, or celebrates suicide is forbidden, as are those that offer suicide instructions or represent suicide as a noble or heroic act. Law enforcement officials can be told about any real-world event that poses a specific, real, and imminent threat to human life.

Hoaxes and anything that encourages or advocates suicide or self-harm are likewise prohibited. This includes warnings that might create widespread fear and damage. Such warnings will be removed, but content that aims to relieve panic and provide proper information about such hoaxes will be permitted.

Do not publish, upload, stream, or share:

  • Materials that offer guidance on how to commit suicide or damage oneself
  • Games, dares, challenges, pacts, or hoaxes that encourage suicide or self-harm

Eating Disorders

The platform prohibits anything that encourages unhealthy eating behaviors or practices that are likely to result in negative health effects. This includes information that says someone wants an eating disorder, gives ideas or advice about disordered eating, or takes part in unhealthy body measurement challenges.

Do not publish, upload, stream, or share:

  • materials that glorify or normalize risky weight-loss practices linked to disordered eating or that portray them in any of their forms.

Nudity and sexual activity among adults

We endeavor to develop a friendly and secure platform. Our platform does not permit nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit material. Additionally, we forbid the sharing of non-consensual personal images and the solicitation of adult sex through anything that represents or supports such behavior.

Sexual exploitation

Any real or attempted misuse of a position of vulnerability, authority, or trust for sexual objectives is referred to as “sexual exploitation.” This includes making money, gaining favor with others, or advancing one’s own agenda through the sexual exploitation of others. Sexually exploitative content is not permitted.

Do not publish, upload, stream, or distribute anything that:

  • Non-consensual sexual activity or non-consensual contact, such as rape or sexual assault, is featured or encouraged;
  • material that encourages the sharing of non-consensual intimate photographs, such as sexual photos, that are captured, produced, or transmitted without consent;
  • Material that shows, encourages, or celebrates sexual solicitation, such as sexcamming, offering or requesting sexual partners, using sexual dialogue or images, or advertising sexual services

Nudity and adult sexual behavior are prohibited.

Nudity and sexual activity include content that exposes the breasts, genitalia, anus, or buttocks openly, as well as activities that mimic, insinuate, or depict sex acts.Images of nudity or sexual activity are not permitted, including those produced or altered digitally. We know that some content may be offensive or insensitive to other cultures in some places or may not be right for all users.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • material depicting penetrative or non-penetrative sex, oral sex, or romantic kissing; material depicting sexual pleasure or stimulation; Material depicting a sexual fetish Genitalia, buttocks, the pubic region, or female nipples
  • Material containing explicit sexual language for sexual enjoyment

Violence and harassment

We support an accepting society and free individual expression. We do not accept the shaming, bullying, or harassment of community members. We will delete abusive content and conduct from our site since they can seriously harm people’s mental health.

Abusive conduct

We eliminate expressions of abuse, such as threats and humiliating comments meant to ridicule, degrade, disgrace, intimidate, or harm a person. This restriction includes the utilization of Viazara features. To facilitate discourse on subjects of public concern, it may be permissible to criticize public figures; nevertheless, significant abuse of public figures is forbidden.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • material that belittles another person or criticizes someone based on their cleanliness, intelligence, appearance, personality, or other characteristics.
  • Material that disparages victims of terrible catastrophes

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome or improper sexual activity directed at another person. Regardless of the user’s purpose, we do not permit anything that celebrates, normalizes, or encourages sexual harassment.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • material that tries to initiate unwelcome sexual contact;
  • material that disparages another person’s sexual conduct;
  • Material that mimics sexual activity with another person, whether vocally, in text (including emojis), or through any in-app features
  • Information that discloses, or threatens to reveal, specifics of a person’s private sexual life, such as digital material, sexual history, and the identities of former sexual partners;
  • Information that exposes or threatens to expose a person’s sexual orientation without their consent These are examples of content that violates the law.

Hacking, doxxing, and blackmail threats

Threatening to hack or dox another individual with the goal of harassing or blackmailing them can result in severe mental anguish and other offline damage. We describe doxxing as the malicious collection and dissemination of personal data or personally identifiable information (PII). These online activities are considered types of abuse, and we do not permit them on our site.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Content that threatens to expose personal data or personally identifiable information (PII), such as a person’s home address, private email address, private phone number, bank statement, social security number, or passport number;
  • content that makes threats to blackmail a person or hack their account;
  • content that incites or encourages others to do the same;

Violent conduct

Viazara is a community that is diverse and welcoming, with zero tolerance for intolerance. We prohibit content containing hate speech or involving hateful conduct, and we remove it from our site. We prohibit from the Viazara platform accounts and/or users that engage in serious or numerous hate speech violations or are affiliated with hate speech.

Attacks and insults based on protected traits are prohibited.

We define hate speech as content that insults, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanizes a person or group based on the following protected characteristics:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Severe illness
  • Disability
  • Immigration status

Slurs are defined as pejorative phrases designed to denigrate persons or organizations based on any of the protected characteristics listed above. We remove all slurs from our platform unless they are reappropriated, utilized self-referentially (i.e., by members of the protected group), or used in a manner that does not insult the protected group (e.g., in an educational context).

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Material that says people or groups with protected characteristics are physically, mentally, or morally inferior, or that calls them criminals, animals, inanimate objects, or other non-human entities;
  • material promoting or justifying violence, exclusion, segregation, or discrimination against them;
  • Material containing the use of non-self-referential slurs;
  • material that targets transgender or non-binary individuals through misgendering or deadnaming;
  • Material tarnishing the reputation

Hateful ideology

Hateful ideologies are those that express open hostility toward individuals based on their protected characteristics. Our platform’s inclusive and supportive community is incompatible with hateful views; therefore, we delete anything that supports them.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Material that supports, promotes, or glorifies any offensive ideology (like white supremacy, misogyny, anti-LGBTQ, or antisemitism)
  • Material, including names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, salutes, drawings, portraits, songs, music, or lyrics, associated with a hostile ideology
  • Material promoting, supporting, or advertising conversion therapy or a comparable program
  • Materially denying well-documented and violent occurrences harming populations with protected characteristics (e.g., Holocaust denial)
  • Claims of superiority over a group of individuals based on other protected characteristics
  • The use of conspiracy theories to support divisive ideologies

Extremist violence

We firmly reject supporting violence, whether it occurs on Viazara or elsewhere. We prohibit individuals from using our platform to threaten or encourage violence or to support violent extremist groups, persons, or activities. When a threat to public safety exists or an account is used to advocate or celebrate off-platform violence, the account is banned. We will notify relevant legal authorities about threats as needed. We may evaluate off-platform activity to identify violent extremist organizations and people on our platform in order to properly protect our community. If we discover such companies or people, their accounts will be banned.

Threats and the instigation of violence are prohibited.

An act of incitement to violence is considered urging, instructing, or persuading others to commit violent acts. On our platform, we prohibit threats of violence and incitements to violence that might result in severe physical injury.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Statements of intent to inflict bodily harm on an individual or group
  • Phrases with conditions or aspirations that incite others to use violence
  • Requests to bring firearms to a certain area in order to frighten or threaten a person or group with violence
  • Instructions on how to build or use potentially lethal weapons

individuals and groups of violent extremism

We forbid groups and individuals who advocate for or participate in violence from using our platform. This includes terrorist organizations, organized hate groups, criminal gangs, and other non-state armed groups that attack civilians.

Groups engaged in terrorism

Terrorists and terrorist groups are non-state actors that use or threaten to use violence against civilian populations in order to further political, religious, ethnic, or ideological goals. They may also conduct significant crimes (such as crimes against humanity).

hate organizations that are well organized.

Individuals and groups who target people based on protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or immigration status are referred to as “organized hatred.” We view as assaults activities that incite violence or hatred, seek to dehumanize persons or groups, or adhere to a vile ideology.

Organizations of criminals

Criminal organizations are international, national, or local groups that have committed serious crimes like murder, rape, robbery, or assault. They may also be involved in trafficking (of people, drugs, weapons, or organs); kidnapping; financial crimes (like extortion, blackmail, fraud, or money laundering); or cybercrime.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • material that celebrates or encourages violent behavior or the activities of extremist groups or individuals.
  • Material that tries to get people to join violent extremist groups or encourages them to do so
  • material that contains names, symbols, emblems, flags, salutations, uniforms, gestures, or other items that are intended to symbolize violent extremist groups or people.

Integrity and genuineness

We consider trust to be the bedrock of our community. We prohibit any actions that might compromise the integrity of our platform or the veracity of our users. We delete any content or user accounts that contain spam, phony engagement, impersonation, or information that is materially false and harmful.

Spam and fraudulent engagement

Any material or behavior that aims to artificially increase popularity on the site is considered to be fake engagement. It is against the law to try to change the platform in order to improve engagement metrics.

Not allowed:

  • Instructions on how to intentionally boost views, likes, followers, shares, or comments
  • Sell or purchase page views, likes, followers, shares, or comments.
  • Promote services that generate false traffic.
  • Use numerous ViaZara accounts to transmit commercial spam under false or fraudulent pretenses.
  • Make harmful software or change code to get more views, likes, follows, shares, or comments.


We prohibit accounts that deceptively impersonate another individual or organization. When we confirm an allegation of impersonation, we may request that the user update their profile, or we may suspend their account. We do permit accounts that are obviously satire, commentary, or fan-based, such as when the username states that it is a fan, commentary, or parody account and is not linked with the account’s subject.

  • Do not pretend to be someone else or something else by using their name, biographical information, or profile picture in a false way.

Damaging Misinformation

Inaccurate or erroneous information is classified as misinformation. Regardless of motive, we will delete false information that significantly harms people, our community, or the general public. Serious physical pain, sickness, or death; severe psychological trauma; extensive property loss; and the erosion of public confidence in democratic institutions and procedures, including governments, elections, and scientific organizations, are examples of significant harm. This includes more than just incorrect information, misconceptions, and business or reputational loss.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • disinformation that incites hatred or prejudice;
  • misinformation about crises that causes panic;
  • medical misinformation that can impair an individual’s physical health;
  • content that misleads community members about elections or other civic processes;
  • Conspiratorial content, including content that insults a specific person or a protected group, includes a violent call to action, or denies a violent or sad incident happened;
  • Digital forgeries are fake or manipulated media that trick people by changing the facts and have serious effects on the film’s subject, other people, or society as a whole.

Do not:

  • Engage in coordinated unethical behavior, like using multiple accounts to change public opinion while tricking people, our community, or our systems about the identity, location, relationships, popularity, or goal of the account.

Contraband and Regulated Products

We strive hard to guarantee that Viazara does not facilitate actions that contravene laws or regulations. The trade, sale, promotion, and use of certain regulated commodities, as well as the promotion or facilitation of illegal actions, including human exploitation, are all prohibited. If a piece of content is about things or actions that are illegal or against the law in most of the region or the world, it could be taken down.

Criminal conduct

Theft, violence, human exploitation, forgery, and other destructive conduct are examples of criminal behaviors. To prevent illegal activity from being normalized, mimicked, or enabled, we delete content that supports or allows it.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • material that encourages bodily harm, such as assault or abduction;
  • material that endangers the safety of others, such as swatting;
  • material that encourages exploitation of people, such as human smuggling, bonded labor, domestic slavery, sex trafficking, or prostitution;
  • material that promotes vandalism or property destruction;
  • material that supports wildlife poaching or illicit commerce;


Firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, and explosive weapons are not permitted to be represented, advertised, or traded. Additionally, we restrict the dissemination of instructions on how to make these weapons. We may permit representation when it occurs in educational contexts (such as when it is a part of a museum’s collection), when it involves duly authorized government officials (such as a police officer), or when it is utilized in a secure setting (e.g., a shooting range or recreational hunting).

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Materials that show explosive weapons, firearms, or their accessories
  • Material that encourages the purchase, sale, exchange, or use of explosive weapons, gun parts, ammunition, or instructions for making them

Alcohol, restricted substances, illicit drugs, and tobacco

Drugs and other controlled substances are not allowed to be portrayed, promoted, or traded. The sale of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages is also forbidden on the platform.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Material that shows or encourages the use of drugs, promotes drug use, or incites others to manufacture, use, or sell drugs or other restricted substances
  • Material that offers the purchase, sale, exchange, or solicitation of restricted narcotics, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products (including vaping products, smokeless or combustible tobacco products, synthetic nicotine products, E-cigarettes, and other ENDS [Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems]),
  • Informational materials about where to get illicit or restricted drugs
  • Materials that show or encourage the abuse of prescription drugs or provide instructions on how to create illicit drugs in an effort to become drunk

Fraud and deception

No one is permitted to use our platform to take advantage of users’ trust and cause them financial or personal harm. We get rid of anything that tries to trick users for illegal financial or personal gain, like scams to steal money or property from people.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • materially promoting phishing; materially promoting pyramid, Ponzi, or multi-level marketing schemes;
  • Material that advertises fixed-odds betting, investment schemes, or other frauds that promise large returns


We do not accept anything that promotes gambling services or might be interpreted as advertising for casinos, sports betting, or any other commercial gambling activity.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • material that advertises gambling-related products or services, such as casinos, sportsbooks, poker, lotteries, and gambling-related software and apps.

Privacy, personal data, and personally identifiable information (PII)

We do not accept content that violates the confidentiality of personal data or individually identifying information. Personal data or personally identifying information (PII)-representative material is removed from the platform.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Information that is individually identifiable or contains personal data

Graphic and violent content

Viazara is a platform that celebrates originality but not violence or shocking content. On our platform, we prohibit anything that is gratuitously startling, gory, sadistic, or brutal, as well as content that encourages, normalizes, or celebrates severe violence or suffering. When an account poses a threat to public safety, we suspend it and, if necessary, report it to the appropriate authorities.

Do not upload, distribute, stream, or post.

  • Information on humanity that depicts:

violent or gruesome deaths or accidents; o human remains that have been dismembered, mangled, or burned; o gore centered on an open wound or injury;o Physical violence, fighting, or torture in the real world

  • Animal-related content depicting: “the killing or other non-natural death of animals;” “dismembered, mangled, or burnt animal carcasses;” “animal cruelty and gore.”

not qualified for the exclusive feed.

The Exclusive Feed (EF) aims to produce original content that fulfills our vision of encouraging creativity and providing delight to our varied global community. The EF for each account holder is determined by a customized recommendation algorithm. Some items might not be recommended since our recommendation system was created with user safety as its top priority. While the Exclusive Feed’s spontaneity is what distinguishes ViaZara from other services, it is also meant for a broad audience that ranges from our teen users to great-grandparents. When deciding whether material is acceptable for algorithmic promotion on the platform, we take the size of our audience into account. The following categories of material may be permitted on our platform, searched for, and seen in Exclusive Feed, but they are not eligible for recommendations as long as they do not contravene local laws.

Minor safety

As children get older, their sense of judgment and identity mature. To provide adolescents more flexibility for identity discovery and expression in digital environments, content published by users under the age of 16 cannot be recommended. We work to promote healthy development in people of all ages. The advertising of cosmetic surgery to kids may contribute to an increase in body dissatisfaction. Accordingly, such information, including before-and-after videos, surgical procedure films, and messages addressing elective cosmetic surgery without a risk disclosure, is unsuitable for the Exclusive Feed of all users under the age of 18.

Extreme sports and stunts

Replicating such activities without following safety procedures can be unsafe or dangerous and could result in injury to the body. It may not be permitted to use content that features risky feats or extreme sports done by amateurs. (We eliminate content that shows risky activities and challenges conducted by amateurs that might result in significant harm or death for the user or the general public.)

Explicit sexual content

We recognize that not all content may be acceptable for all users (especially our teen users) or may be culturally insensitive in some countries. Sexually provocative content may not be eligible for recommendation in order to maintain a pleasant and age-appropriate environment. This includes anything that shows implied nakedness, makes body parts look sexual, or is just plain sensual.

Tobacco and alcoholic beverages

Viazara is devoted to ensuring the protection of children on our site. Content advocating, referencing, or portraying alcohol products consumed by individuals of legal drinking age in a potentially hazardous manner may not be eligible for endorsement. No content displaying or discussing the use of tobacco products by adults or restricted drugs is eligible for recommendation. Please keep in mind that information that implies, shows, imitates, or encourages the possession or consumption of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, or narcotics by minors is banned. According to our community guidelines, anything that instructs minors on how to purchase, sell, or exchange alcohol, cigarettes, or restricted drugs is also forbidden.

Graphic and violent content

Our society values inventiveness, but shock value isn’t for everyone. The Exclusive Feed may not accept anything with disturbing visual effects, such as jump scares, graphic wound makeup, or images of body processes that can make viewers feel uncomfortable, shocked, or disgusted. The vast majority of violent and graphic content is prohibited on Viazara; however, we may not delete some forms of violent and graphic content, such as portrayals of gory fatalities, accidents, or fights, when real-world events are being chronicled and it is in the public’s interest to do so. This content will not be eligible for recommendation and will display an “opt-in” box or warning since it is not suitable for all audiences.

Material that is spammy, inauthentic, or deceptive

We appreciate accuracy and genuineness. We exclude from the Exclusive Feed any material that tricks or manipulates users to artificially boost followers, likes, views, or other engagement metrics on the platform, such as follow-to-follow and like-to-like, or deceives or manipulates users into pressing like or share buttons. Also unsuitable for recommendation is conspiratorial content that challenges widely held ideas and places the blame on an organization or institution (rather than any live person), as well as content concerning current, unfolding events that contains potentially dangerous information.

Unoriginal, inferior, and QR code-based material

The cornerstone of the Viazara community is its original and interesting material. In order to preserve the good experience our users have come to expect from the Viazara platform, unoriginal and low-quality content is not suitable for recommendation. If a user uploads or imports content from Viazara, other platforms, or other sources like television, movies, or webcasts without making any fresh, inventive alterations, we don’t consider such content to be their own. A noticeable watermark or overlay branding is an indication that the content is not original. Low-quality content includes incredibly brief films, static graphics, and videos comprised solely of GIFs. Because QR codes might link users to hazardous websites or applications, they are often ineligible for the exclusive feed. However, we make exceptions in specific cases where the risk is limited (e.g., e-commerce).


Thank you for being a member of our thriving worldwide community and for helping us maintain an inclusive environment for all users. Please let us know if you discover information or accounts that you suspect may violate our community guidelines so that we can examine them and take the necessary action.


  • Introduction
  • Copyright and Trademark Violation
  • Platform Security
  • Minor Safety
  • Dangerous Conduct and Risks
  • Suicide, Self-Harm, and Eating Disorders
  • Nudity and sexual activity among adults
  • Violence and Harassment
  • Hateful Ideology
  • Extremist Violence
  • Integrity and Genuineness
  • Contraband and Regulated Products
  • Graphic and Violent Content
  • Not Eligible for the Exclusive Feed



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